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As a teaching artist,  I pride myself on creating educational spaces characterized by kindness, respect and growth. I encourage students to develop confidence in confronting new challenges and to be brave enough to ask for support. I love teaching acting, improv, and filmmaking to students as young as 4th grade and as old as high school. Much like my creative work, I thrive as an interlocutor in educational spaces. I see students as fully-formed beings (as opposed to "adults in waiting") who teach me just as much as I teach them. 

FACETS CICFF 11-12-22-45.jpg

Recent Teaching Experience

  • Children's Theatre Company, Minneapolis, MN, December 2020 - Present

  • Minneapolis Public Schools, Minneapolis, MN, October 2021 - Present

  • Facets, Chicago, IL, June 2020 - Present

  • Private Tutoring in Math/English Language Arts, Virtual and In-Person, January 2021 - Present


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