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When Liza takes a new job at a sporting goods store, she affirms her sense of belonging despite her transphobic coworker's harassment. "Liza" received a City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events Individual Artists Program Grant for 2023. 

Claire Bikes


When Claire gets a flat tire biking to her first day of work, Richie, a bike wiz, offers to help. As Claire and Richie work on the bike together, the two part ways when Claire realizes that Richie is homeless. Claire returns to their initial meeting place later in the day to make things right and the two come to a point of mutual understanding as they finish working on the bike. Check out our fundraising video and some stills from the film below: 


Papo2oo4 - Onna Westside (prod. Subjxct 5) Music Video

Shot and edited music video alongside photographer @just.omar.jpg for rapper Papo2oo4's song "Onna Westside" off of the album, PAP on P.E.D's

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